Basic Step by Step Guide for Pool installation Requirements
  1. Booking by phone
    1. At the time of booking a 1st deposit payable to All-Phase Pool Installations, PO. Box 249 Middletown, NJ. 07748.
    2. Obtain copy of your property survey.
    3. Obtain permit applications and submit to local building department.
      Note: be sure to list on permit section for contractor as self installation to avoid additional permit processing fees and delays.
      Documentation that most towns require:
      1. Survey of property with block number and lot number.
      2. Pool documentation:
        Size of pool: length, width, height and (copy of pool brochure if possible).
        Total pool gallons when full.
      3. Filter information:
        Capacity of filter tank.
        Motor horsepower, amperage, voltage 110 or 220.
        Water flow rate gallons per hour. (obtained in mfg. specs. or at retailer).
        Water turn over rate in 8 or 10 hours. (obtained in mfg. specs. or at retailer).
      4. Ladder entry system:
        Photo or specifications (obtained in mfg. specs. or at retailer).
        They are specifically looking for (child proof features, locks, alarms, ect.)
  2. When you have the permit in hand.
    Call All-Phase pool Installations at (732) 224-7664
    1. Arrange for the pool to be delivered or pick up from your pool store immediately. This is often the cause for many delays, If the pool is not on site we canít work. We canít schedule any of the necessary steps that must follow.
    2. Schedule New Jersey One Call to do mark out request ASAP.
      Note that this is for marking out any under ground gas lines, water lines, and utilities and is required by the state. This is not done by All-Phase Pool Installations. You must call 1-800-272-1000 and allow 14 business days.
    3. Call us and arrange for our representative to mark the pool site area. 2nd deposit is due when our surveyor completes the pool site marking.
    4. After survey has been completed, call your sand and patio block supplier and arrange delivery. Let us know the date of sand delivery so that excavation dates can be set.
  3. After the sand and patio blocks have been delivered to the site. Call us immediately and confirm everything is in order. 1. Permits approved and ready. 3. Sand and block are on site. 2. Pool is on site. 4. Site has been marked and excavated.
You are now ready for installation!!!

Please be aware that communication is the key to success. This is a seasonal business, some times delays may occur due to weather and unforeseen events. We will do everything in our power to prevent delays. Any efforts that you can provide to stay on schedule, such as follow up on permits and delivery status would be greatly appreciated. A simple follow up phone call can avoid many preventable delays.