Customer Responsibilities

You will need to select the location where the pool is to be installed. Make sure it is as level as possible, that there are no septic tanks, oil tanks, underground sprinkler line, tree or utilities or any other obstructions buried in the area. You must obtain a copy of a survey of your property, have it available, since it might reveal the location of any of the above items. It should be available from your local Building Department. Note that you will need the survey when you apply for your permits.

You must obtain all necessary permits: building, electrical, etc. From your municipal authority and ascertain any property line set-back requirements. Contact your local Building Department. When this is in hand, you must call us so that an installation date can be set. You must then call New Jersey One Call at 1-800-272-1000 and apply for a Mark Out Request. You must allow approximately 14 business days for the mark out request to be preformed by the state. This is a New Jersey Sate Law and is a free service.

Small excavation machinery (Bobcat) will do the leveling of the area. There must be a six-foot-wide entrance through any fences, etc. to permit equipment access to the area. If this is not possible, and the excavating must be done by hand, there will be an additional charge based on the pool size. It will be necessary to remove up to six inches of soil from the pool location that is included in our price. If additional soil must be removed, there is an additional charge of $25 per inch. If 8 inches must be removed there is a $50 charge. The need to remove additional soil may be due to the contour of your yard. Our surveyor, using a transit, will show you if any additional soil must be removed.

  • When our people arrive, all pets must be restrained in another area.
  • The pool and filter accessories should be on site two weeks before the installation date if possible.
  • A water supply and hose for filling the pool must be available.
  • If possible, we prefer to have you on location on the day of excavation, but you must be there on the day of installation to understand the pool’s operation.
  • Have a copy of your pool sales invoice available indicating the size of the pool, filters and accessories. Do not open the cartons containing the pool. They will be opened in your presence by the installer to ensure that all the parts were packed.
  • You are responsible for having the pool base material (sand and patio blocks) on site one week before the excavation date.
  • Because of insurance issues, you must assemble the pool entrance ladder after the pool has been installed. Since instructions are simple, this saves you the cost of our labor and surcharges.

Following is the payment schedule:

  • A 1st deposit is payable to All-Phase Pool Installations Inc at the time of booking the installation.
  • A 2nd deposit of 50% of the total installation price is payable to All-Phase Pool Installations Inc at the time that the survey and site marking is preformed by our representative.
  • The balance is due upon the completion of the work.

What We Do

Our surveyor will visit your property and help you select the best location for the pool. We will mark the outline of the pool site with chalk for the excavation that will soon follow. We will use a transit to verify levelness of the site.

Our surveyor will, depending on the size of your pool, verify how much inexpensive sand and 8”x16” patio blocks you require for the pool installation. You can obtain the sand from your local mason suppliers or landscape suppliers, look in the yellow pages under Concrete, Landscaping Equipment & Materials, Mason supplies. Order and schedule this quickly because suppliers often overbook due to seasonal weather and high volume that can delay shipments.

When ordering the sand be sure to order washed mason sand or sifted pool sand only! Regular sand is not appropriate and may contain impurities such as rocks and other debris. Be sure that you tell the supplier the sand is being used for a swimming pool, “protecting the vinyl liner under the pool“. The sand must be delivered to the site one week before the excavation date, as close to the pool site as possible without blocking access to the pool area, in most cases a drive-way is the best location for the load to be dropped. We recommend that you purchase an inexpensive plastic tarp to cover the sand. Be sure to ask our representative about other services that we offer which can save you time and money in the future.

Have questions? Call us today, we are here for you.

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