Liner Replacement Checklist & Form

Please be sure to have the following prior to your appointment:

  • Pool must be completely drained "BONE DRY" to avoid pump out charges!
  • Please have your new liner on hand.
  • Coping strips if over lap liner is to be used or new bead receiver if receivers are plastic type must be on hand. If installing a J-hook or uni-bead liner no coping or bead receivers are required.
  • Wide mouth or standard skimmer replacement kit. Old skimmers cannot be reused.
  • Bags of play sand if the liner hole has eroded the sand bed larger then the diameter of a watermelon size crater in the pool floor.
  • Inspect pool walls for any corrosion or small pin holes, areas that are prone for damage are skimmer and return jet cut outs. We recommend that after the pool is drained that you cut away small sections of the old liner and look behind it for any concealed damage or corrosion to the pool wall.
  • Remove any backfill from the side wall of pool (stones, mulch or dirt) BEFORE pool is drained. Backfill against the pool wall can cause a structural failure or the pool walls to implode.
  • Provide access to pool ledges, cap/covers, and rails if concealed by wood decking.

*Please call All Phase Pool Installations to advise us that you have everything ready to go for the installation and that all materials are on site prior to your appointment.

There will be additional charges for the following materials/services:

  • Pool base (Vermiculite) that is required to rebuild the pool cove
  • Wall repairs, wall primer re-coating and wall foam
  • Dished or pool with a deep end
  • Center drain systems
  • Major floor resurfacing
  • Root damage
  • Pump out standing water or debris not removed from pool
  • Required necessary repairs found upon inspection & rusted worn hardware

*Need to know how to measure your pool? Please read the measurment section for Round and Oval pools on the Liner Replacement page, CLICK HERE.

*Determine this measurement by measuring from the top of the vertical plate to the bottom vertical plate.

*If you only have fence post brackets installed there will be an additional $35.00 charge.

*Additional charges apply: 6" = $50.00, 9" = $200.00 and 12" = $250.00.

*If Yes, they may have to be removed before work can be done.

*To better answer this question inspect the following areas: Skimmer/Return, Walls, Rail Tops/Bottom, Ledges, Wall Area 12" up from ground. Pools 10 years and older be aware of corrosion pin holes in walls.

*If plastic material we must replace entire skimmer & gaskets due to inner casters breaking and causing a leak. The best way to ensure that the correct skimmer is purchased is to remove old face plate or take photogrpah and bring it in to local pool store.

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