Pool Liner Information

How To Measure For A Liner In Your Above ground Pool                          


Measuring your pool for a new liner is a simple process. There are generally a few things you need to know so the correct liner can be purchased.

Shape: What is the shape of your above ground pool? Round or Oval?
Height: What is the height of your pool wall? The depth of the pool usually ranges from 48" to 54" deep.
Fastening: How is the liner attached to the pool wall? Overlap, Hung Beaded, or J-Hook?

On a Round pool, you simply get a measuring tape and take 2 measurements. From inside the pool, you want to measure wall to wall. That will give you the circumference of the pool. The next measurement will be the height. You will measure from the outside down to the metal plate at the bottom. You may have to dig it out a bit as some dirt may be covering the plate. Once you find the plate, from there take your measuring tape and measure right up under the thicker exterior ledges. That will give you the actual height for the pool wall.

On an Oval pool you do the same thing as a round except that you do it in the middle of the pool from side to side and at the ends at the longest point from end to end. All measurements are from inside the pool touching the wall at the base.

Some liners are what we call overlap or over the wall. This type is the most common and simply folds over the metal wall and hangs down on the outside of the wall. The liner is held in place by plastic coping strips. You should always replace these if your old ones are brittle and dry.

Beaded liners have a thick-formed extrusion at the top that hooks into a bead receiver around the top of the pool wall on the inside of the pool. Most pools can utilize the standard bead that is common in the industry.

J-Hook, EZ Bead, or UniBead are liner types that have a thicker open flap top that hooks on over the metal wall. It is attached to the top of the liner. If you were previously using an overlap liner and your pool is a flat-bottom, you can use the J-Hook type liner.

Note: This information is intended to answer many questions you may have regarding the type and size liner you may need. The best way to make sure you are getting the right type and sized liner is to give us a call at 732-224-7664 or E-Mail us photos of your pool.  Photos of your pool required for identification should be of the pool wall, ledges, vertical post, skimmer, decking, and if possible under the pool ledge itís self. We're always happy to help!

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