Openings & Closings

We provide spring start-up or winterization of your pool and equipment. Want to know what's included? We've compiled a comprehensive list just for you below, so you know exaclty what you are getting.

Openings include the following:

  • Winter cover removed
  • Removal of all winter block off plates, plugs, and ice compensation pillows
  • Initial spring water analyses
  • Water balancing report with chemical calculations
  • Dispersal of initial spring start up chemical
  • Filter system reassembly and equipment tested
  • Pump primed
  • General pool start-up and complete pool and equipment inspection

Closings include the following:

  • Install winter block off plates and plugs
  • Install ice compensation pillows
  • Winter closing chemical dispersal
  • Final water analyses
  • Winter pool cover installed and secured with wire cable, clips, and water tubes. We also install safety covers!
  • Filter system disconnected and winterized
  • Pump drained and winterized

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