Private Training

We conduct pool owner clinics for new and existing pool owners. This training clinic is performed at your own home on your pool and equipment. We will teach you the basics of water chemistry, how to use and operate your pool and equipment, basic filter operation/ maintenance and trouble-shooting in case a problems arises.

We feel that most new pool owners quickly become overwhelmed by the swimming pool. Simply, because you don't know the difference between right from wrong.Due to the fact that this is all new to you. Our clients always say " it always looks easy in a show room, but slight variations in equipment makes practical application extremely difficult in the field." We promise you that upon the completion of the clinic, you will be a pool pro.

Our Free Pool Tips!

Winter Tips:

  • Don't damage your pool by chipping ice. Just let it melt and pump it off the cover.
  • Maintain proper water levels.
  • Check cover integrity and ice pillows and water bags.
  • Check block plates, plugs and gizmos.
  • When the ice melts, add more algaecide into the pool due to the extremely warm winter weather we've experienced.

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Spring Tips:

  • Beat the mad rush, and get out to your local pool supply store and purchase your spring and summer chemicals and pool supplies. They wont go bad, they are not groceries. Supplies you should always have on hand:
    • Alkalinity Plus
    • PH Plus
    • PH Minus
    • Sanitizer (Pool Shock)
    • Algaecide
    • Water test kit
    • Spare hoses and hose clamps (you just never know when you may need it)
    • Cover pump
  • Let's start to wake up your pool from winter hibernation: Using a cover pump remove any water on the winter cover. After all the water is off the cover let the sun dry the wet debris on top of the cover to make it easier to remove it later with a broom or leaf blower. This can prevent very costly damage to your cover.
  • Gather up all of your pool equipment and maintenance tools for example, filters, skimmer nets, poles, vacuum equipment and so on. Be sure that all equipment is in good working order to avoid multiple trips to the pool store. Don't forget to purchase items such as gaskets, filter hoses, and filter components that normal ware and tear need to be replace. It is always a good idea to bring the owners manuals, part numbers, or use that camera phone and take a photograph of the equipment with you when go to the pool store.

BOOK NOW for openings and save. Remember the early bird gets the worm!!!

Summer Tips:

  • Remember to shock (super chlorinate) your pool every 7-10 days. Try to operate the pool filter at night. Try to add pool chemicals such as shock treatments at night so that the are more effective. Sunlight and temperature can effect some pool chemicals.
    • Save money $$$ off peak electric hours
    • Improve water quality
    • Less filter down time (swimmers should not be in pool with the filter on)
    • Better chemical distribution
  • Regarding shock treatments, It is extremely important to shock the pool regularly! We can not see the build up of bacteria in the pool water which can cause:
    • Skin irritations and rashes
    • Eye infections
    • Stomach aches from (ingesting contaminated water)
    • Swimmer ear

You wouldn't swim in a septic tank, so keep up with all your pool chemicals and remember that shock treatments are not only for green algae conditions.

Fall Tips:

  • Thinking about getting a solar blanket for the cooler nights to help keep the pool warm? A solar blanket helps retain the heat that the pool receives from the sun during the day. Remember to remove the cover during the day so that the pool water and sand base gets warm. Cover the pool at sunset to retain the heat. Use the solar blanket just as you would a cotton blanket on your bed, they both do the same thing "retain heat". Ask your local pool store what type of cover is best for your pool.
  • Closing your pool for the fall and winter: Start thinking about when you would like to have us close and winterize your pool if you have not already booked your pool closing by now. For many of our new pool owners we strongly suggest that you allow us to winterize your pool and avoid damage to your pool, liner, and equipment. Note that improper closings can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repair cost. closing now to avoid the mad rush.

Remember this catch phrase: When the kids go back to school let us close the pool.

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